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Invoice for seller


I need to give invoice to my accounant. Where do I get it from? Do I send it to Fiverr? How?


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I know it. The things is - Where do I send it? Any fiverr address, anything? They dont even have official mail and the customer support remains silent…


Hi - Fiverr pays you through their own invoicing system. Sending them an invoice will only confuse them.

what you could do is take screenshots of your delivery pages and/or your earnings pages and give them to your accountant. Or just your bank statements, which is what I do with mine.

It’s not really invoices you need, so much as proof that you’ve been paid and where it’s come from.

Talk to your accountant - they’ll know what to do.


Yeah, but I have to prove to the Government somehow, that I’ve been paid for this and this by this company. I need a document with my name and address and their address, do to annual tax as a Limited Company.


The adress is here

You can create invoices with every information needed by your government but you don’t need to send it to Fiverr.