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Invoice for seller

I need to give invoice to my accounant. Where do I get it from? Do I send it to Fiverr? How?


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I know it. The things is - Where do I send it? Any fiverr address, anything? They dont even have official mail and the customer support remains silent…

Hi - Fiverr pays you through their own invoicing system. Sending them an invoice will only confuse them.

what you could do is take screenshots of your delivery pages and/or your earnings pages and give them to your accountant. Or just your bank statements, which is what I do with mine.

It’s not really invoices you need, so much as proof that you’ve been paid and where it’s come from.

Talk to your accountant - they’ll know what to do.


Yeah, but I have to prove to the Government somehow, that I’ve been paid for this and this by this company. I need a document with my name and address and their address, do to annual tax as a Limited Company.


The adress is here

You can create invoices with every information needed by your government but you don’t need to send it to Fiverr.


@konewki - I am based in EU (Slovak Republic) and I am in the same situation as yours, my accountant needs an invoice of my Fiverr payements to proof to the the tax institution.

Normally like any invoice: The invoice I should provide should include thew information below:

  • Payer Address:
  • Payer Company ID
  • Payer Tax identification number
  • Total amount which been transferred from Fiverr to my bank account.

Would you share with me how did you react on this, or did you even find a solution for it ?! :smiley:

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I don’t know if you’ve already found this answer, but just in case :blush: You can add your VAT number in Settings (through your seller account) and then Fiverr promises to send your invoices through email. More info at Good luck!

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Hey, @yourwordsmarjo Thank you for your nice share :slight_smile:

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Hello Adam, have you find a solution to the invoicing problem?

This only works if you are buying and being billed. Since we are selling we are the ones who need to send the invoice.

Hi, do you use And Co? Could you explain what type of invoicing system they have? Do they send the invoices to each single buyer for us, and most importantly do we get a copy of all the invoices sent?

Hi! After weeks with costumer support, I finally have it clear: Fiverr issues invoices at their name to the final client; we work for Fiverr and hence need to issue the invoices to Fiverr.

"As a seller, if you need to issue your own invoices for tax needs you can issue them addressed to Fiverr directly.

This is Fiverr's information:

* Fiverr International Ltd
* 8 Eliezar Kaplan st.
* TelAviv, Israel 6473409
* VAT ID: 558327284
* Company Number: 514440874
* Withheld Tax File: 917369274+B85
* Consol. Business number: 55832728"

Hi! Thank you for this info, it is really helpful. Just one question: Did you get an answer on whether you should send the invoices to them (do they need it) or you just issue them for yourself (for accounting)?

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If, as sellers, we technically work for Fiverr, do we invoice them the entire gig fee (including their 20% fee) or just the amount we receive?

i would assume that the part we receive, fiverr on its side will issue the full price for our+their service to the buyer

That’s what I thought too. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t completely off my rocker!