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Invoice in Poland or EU


I would like to know how to create an invoice for tax purposes. Fiver is sending money to my company then I need to create an invoice and who should I invoice? Fiverr?

Plus I want to understand will fiverr send me something like I do not know list of all of my gigs with amount of money I have received for each of it?

Any of you have experience as to how does it work with Polish tax system?



We don’t work for Fiverr, and Fiverr does not ‘send us money’.
It would probably be best to talk with a local tax specialist about freelancing and tax.

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I know but as far as I know Fiverr will in regular intervals will send A document with short summary of my gigs. Am I correct?

I’ve been on Fiverr for several months, and I’ve never been sent a document. I keep track of everything in a document I made myself.

This might help, though the aim is at U.S. freelancers.

From what I can understand, freelancers are considered self-employed in the eyes of the law. That includes all the logistics involved, including the responsibility of tracking your own income.


No. Fiverr is the one charging sales tax because they are reselling your services on your behalf. You aren’t selling to clients. Fiverr is. So nothing you’re describing applies.

You don’t make invoices or bill clients. Fiverr does that on your behalf. This is a marketplace.

Just make sure you’re following the laws of your country. But no law changes the fact that Fiverr is reselling your services.

Never sign off that you agree to ToS until you understand them. You don’t.

This is true, but Fiver is reselling on your behalf so income tax is the issue here. So you need to deal with income tax but not necessarily sales tax because Fiverr charges that on your behalf. But the rules do vary by country, but this is resale via a marketplace, not direct sale to clients.

What I gather from accounting inquiries here is that accountants don’t understand that this is resale on our behalf.


Have a read of this thread, where this question was asked (and answered) earlier today. Should answer all your questions. I declare my Fiverr income here in the UK, and explain the method that I use in that thread. As @humanissocial has said, you need to ensure you’re following your own regional tax rules, but in terms of documenting your Fiverr income, you’re simply documenting the amount of commission you earn on the platform, not individual orders or by gig etc.

People over-complicate this when it’s actually pretty simple. And most accountants, especially the more old-school ones, really don’t ‘get’ Fiverr income.

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Right. I think two things are confusing people: the resale aspect (why do so many accountants not understand that Fiverr is marketplace resale?!) and the differences between income tax and sales tax.

I’m noticing people who inquire about this seem to conflate income and sales taxes.