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Invoices are not sent

This is starting to become more and more frustrating and annoying.

I have a request that has been open for many months regarding an invoice for a past order.

Additionally, back in November I placed several orders, and, since by that time I had entered my billing information in the control panel, I was expecting an automatic invoice to be sent over by email within December 15.

I never received any email.

Now I really need these documents for accounting reasons.

Having an invoice for every business purchase is mandatory in many Countries. If Fiverr’s team is not able to provide such a document, then they should just state it rather than claiming something they apparently aren’t willing or able to maintain.

I feel very disappointed. I use many US- and internationally-based online services and none of them has any problem in offering downloadable invoices.

As customers we are not supposed to be chasing a company for this, it’s a frustrating waste of time.

I’m not sure what you’re referring to here. Fiverr does not send out “invoices”. You’ll get an email stating that a buyer purchased something (if you are a seller), and you might get a confirmation email when you buyer something from a seller. But there is not invoice, persay. You can, however, easily explore and print out a list of your orders, purchases, sales… all that good accounting stuff, from your Fiverr account dashboard and drop-down navigation bar options.

The records are there, you just have to be signed into Fiverr to view them.

Receipts and invoices are a bit different - in some countries receipt are not well accepted for documenting expenses.

> Fiverr does not send out “invoices”.

This is not true. Fiverr does claim to issue invoices (and I have received one after a specific request in the past)

Here is an extract from the page:


If you would like an invoice for each of your purchases from Fiverr, we’ll be glad to issue them for you. You can set this through your account settings by adding your Billing Information. You will receive all your invoices for each purchase by email, once a month, two weeks after the month has ended.



If you want invoices for purchases prior to filling out your billing information, you will need to fill out a support ticket. Please submit a request (please choose “Order Related - Buyer” and use the Category “Other”) with the following information to help create your invoice:

Same experience here! I placed multiple orders in December 2015. My billing details were filled, so I expected to get an invoice by the mid of January 2016, as it is written on the support page.

On January 18th I still had no invoice, so I wrote to fiverr support, as I need the invoice for my accounting. It took multiple messages until the support guy finally believed me (and confirmed by himself), that the invoice was not sent.

That is now almost one month ago. So I’m still missing invoices for my account of December 2015, which is more than frustrating. Actually I therefore stopped placing orders on fiverr since then. I don’t know why this is so complicated on fiverr. Whenever I order something ANYWHERE online, I always get an invoice right away!?

I’m losing my faith that I will ever get an invoice for my orders … unbelievable!!

Did you get your invoice in the meantime?

Hi, same problem here! Ordered lots of Fiverr gigs in January for the business. Need invoice with VAT details of the company. MANDATORY!!! Now, 20 Feb still no invoice. Despite filling in Billing info with VAT number. Is someone from Fiverr support office reading this??? Or are we just users with a problem??

Hi, same problem here, the customer support simply don’t care about VAT invoices!
Anyone uses a differnt service other than Fiverr? Any suggestion?

@line22, @naturalg, @real_niubi, you can request invoices from our customer support team. Let them know what you need and they will send it to you.

@natalieab I sent a support request (ID #1263864) on January 18 incl. several follow-up, still got no invoice.

Suggestions concerning other plattforms that can issue invoices without a hassle are very much appreciated.

I have ALREADY request the invoices to the Customer Support, some months ago! But I have NOT received them.

I just wanted to let you know, that I received in invoice today, what a nice surprise!

Regrettably it only covers one of the 8 orders I placed and it doesn’t contain either our VAT number, nor any VAT-related information. I forwarded the delivered invoice again to and requested an update with VAT-related data and invoices for my other orders … let’s see how long it will take this time.

So after almost 2 months, I’m still far from happy … :-/

real_niubi, may I ask you who’s stated as the seller on Fiverr invoices? Is it Fiverr or the particular freelancer you ordered a gig from? Thanks in advance!

Same here, and it’s now 2018! This should be a simple process: login to Fiverr, view invoices, download or save invoices.

Sent support ticket, but judging by what people are talking about in forums regarding Fiverr’s support, I don’t expect a reply…


Now that there is “fiverr business” can we get this request - it’s such a pian trying to view invoices.