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Invoices for Buyers

Until now, the only way to receive an invoice for an order was by first filling out the Billing Info form in the Account Settings page, then waiting to get the invoice via email for each future order. For past orders, you had to contact Customer Support who would eventually email them to you.

With the new release, you can now get order invoices directly from the order page using the View Invoice link above the order summary:


If you would like an invoice for each of your purchases from Fiverr, you will need to add your Billing Information in your Account Settings. Individual invoices will automatically be issued to your email after each purchase. In addition, within the Order page, you can click View Invoice. See Viewing Invoices.


  • Avoid using special characters such as non-standard English characters (letters with accent marks). Special characters may result in "?" when the invoice is produced.
  • If you want invoices for purchases prior to filling out your billing information, you will need to fill out a support ticket. Please submit a request (please choose "Order Related - Buyer" and use the Category "Other") with the following information to help create your invoice:
    • To whom to address the invoice
    • The full address
    • Your VAT ID* Number or Tax ID Number

*For European users only. For residents in Israel, a VAT ID is mandatory.

Due to the high volume of requests, an invoice may take up to one or two weeks to process and submit back to users.

Note: Invoices are for purchases made on Fiverr.

I tried to complete my order so that I can receive my product and it continues to send me to the complete my order page as if I didn’t make my payment for my product in advance 2 weeks ago. Now the seller and the buyer which is myself is totally confused. And there is no way to contact Fiverr in regard to this.

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Please forgive me if I’m on the wrong place but I been looking for the right place to explain my question.
On the right hand of my I pad screen I seen the amount of $170 and I don’t understant what that amount is since I only charge $141
I’ll appreciated if someone can clarify this amount for me

Please stop spamming old posts - thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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