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Invoicing fiverr?

Hi there,

In my country (and I assume in most countries worldwide) basically any form of coropartion, including sole proprietors, must keep track of chronologically numbered invoices to clients. There are certaint things that must go on an invoice, including some of the client’s details.

I know that fiverr’s TOS read that fiverr takes care of the money side but that doesn’t make fiverr my client.

So how and to whom do I send invoices then? Or can corporations not do business with/on fiverr? (I’m not asking with ill intentions, fiverr is obviously geared first and foremost to freelancers.)

Thanks in advance!

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You don’t need to send invoices.

Read this article:

Thank you for your reply. Since I have bought services on fiverr myself I know that fiverr sends buyers an invoice but as a sole proprietor I need to keep a record of invoices for the tax office. My confusion is about how to go about this, since fiverr takes care of money transactions as well as invoicing, however, as a seller I have no control over these invoices nor do they meet the requirements my country has.

Is there a way to issue own invoices or is it simply impossible to combine fiverr with business? (Again, I’m asking this neutrally.)

Fiverr earnings are treated as self employed income for tax purposes. Each seller is responsible for their own tax affairs.

You don’t need to worry about invoices.

For further information about your situation suggest you talk to your accountant and refer them to the Terms of Service.

Edited for clarification.

I appreciate you taking your time but I’d advise you to be careful with giving out such dangerous and false advice. Some people might take it seriously and get into serious legal trouble.

In case it isn’t clear: I don’t need anyone to tell me about my specific, personal situation. All I’m asking is whether there is a way to combine business and custom invoices with fiverr and if yes, how?

No there is no way. Bare in mind that invoice that you client is getting has a very different amount from what you will receive.

Fiverr is indeed basically your client in this case and you can manage your taxes with your income from PayPal or payoner (depending which one you are using to withdraw your funds)


Just to clarify my answer.

This was meant as a general statement i.e. earnings from Fiverr. In other words, sellers are freelancers and responsible for their own tax affairs.

I advised you to refer to an accountant with respect to your own personal situation.