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iOS App - No notifications

I’ve got the fiverr app on my iPhone and thought I could get faster notifications about new orders by turning on notifications. They are on, enabled in the notification center… but the app doesn’t pop anything up and let me know new orders were placed unless I open it.

Something I need to do further?

Hmmm… looks like the newest update may fix it… might not be a problem any more, I’ll have to wait and see what happens.

It works OK for me when the app isn’t running (iPhone 5 latest version of the app).

You might want to check your settings:

“Settings” -> “Fiverr” -> “Notifications” -> “Allow Notifications”

its is working for me but not getting notification for message.

Seems like it’s partially working =

Had same issue on Android. Uninstalled and reinstalled and working again

I have an iPhone 5S & an iPad Mini and the app is definitely hit and miss for me on both those devices. All notification settings are turned on, but it seems to be about 50/50 whether I actually get notified about messages, orders, or updates.

Allows update the app periodically, and click “allow notifications.”

I also have the app on an iPhone 5 and it works sometimes. In other words, sometimes notifications show up, sometimes they don’t. I don’t mind because I check it often enough.

I just installed this app on my iPhone 5. I was trying to enable push notifications, then I realised that the Fiverr app is not even listed in my Notifications settings, which is really odd??

I have the same problem. It shows on my iPad but not on my iPhone.