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IP address information

My cousin work in fiverr and we are web designer. Is there any problem if we use same wifi or mobile network?


If you are both not use same device so it’s no problem, because one account for one device. one device don’t use multiple account.

According to lots of forum posts, it might very well be a problem, especially if your gigs are in the same category.
I wouldn’t rely on forum posts in this case but contact support, to be on the safe side, after all, your account is at stake.


Yes, there is! If you offer the same services using the same IP address Fiverr will see it as you trying to cheat the system and you could lose both accounts.

@mxmashud is giving you bad advice. :scream:

Just because you have different devices does not mean it is Okay with Fiverr to have two accounts on the same IP address.

My husband wanted to set up a Fiverr account on the same IP address as I have, and here is what I was told about having two accounts on the same IP.

So, since you and your cousin both sell web design you each need to have your own IP address.


I know but I can’t understood properly, apology for my mistake.

Thanks for the right advices

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I understand, however, if you do not understand then it is best to not offer advice that could get another seller in trouble.

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