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IP/Copyright questions

Hypothetically, I got a request from a client to write code:

  1. Can I publish this code on my blog if this request was to port an open-source code to another platform?
  2. Can I publish this code on my blog if the job was terminated by mutual agreement? Never got paid.

Thank you!

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Fiverr Terms Of Service, section: Ownership

So, you can conclude that: it depends on the contract written between you and your buyer, unless cancelled.

Thank you @imagination7413 for your reply.
I mean the case the was no special agreement. It’s just a default gig contract. By canceled, do you mean the case in p.2? So, if it was canceled can I publish the code?

If you feel necessary, you can always ask Fiverr Customer support for clarification, but to the best of my understanding: yes, if the Buyer cancels for any reason, they have no claim to your work.

Here are several threads discussing the issue of copyrights, though I don’t know how much they apply to code.
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