IP Problem Please Help Me


I am Mohammad Ullah Sajeeb. I am From Bangladesh. I am Using Mobile SIM Operator Net On my Laptop. An example I am Using net in Modem Using SIM Card. My Network Some Time Up an Down. Example Some time connect 4G some Time Connect 3G. when Connect 4G then Automatic Change My net IP and when Connect 3G again Automatic Change My Ip. It’s Depend On My network. Because I am Using USB Modem.

So I have a Question. Is it a problem?

My IP automatic change. I am Using only 1 Sim But I receive 2 IP. 3G 1 IP 4G different IP.

Please Help Me What Can I do?


No, it’s not a problem. Did you get any problem before?


You don’t have only two IPs, you have millions when you use mobile network. Every time you turn off/on the modem, the IP is changed randomly. So, it’s not a problem.