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IP problem

Two question :

1st - when i stay in my room i used one internet connection, and when i stay in my office i used another internet connection and many time i go to my village house and i used another connection here. But i used same computer.
Is this any problem for my account ?

2nd - when i stay in my house, we are 6 friends stay here and all of used same internet connection ( wi-fi internet connection ) but different computer use every one.

Is this any problem for my account ?


Scenario 1 is fine. You can use one account on many IP’s.

Scenario 2 is a problem. Multiple accounts should not used in one household unless every person has contacted CS and obtained permission.

Hi fonthaunt
Thanks for your comments.
Scenario 2 : That means we can not use same internet connection ( wifi ). we are 6 friends work in fiverr and we have individual account in fiverr also use individual computer.

You are welcome. It doesn’t mean that you cannot use the same internet connection, it just means that you have to be very careful about it. When more than one account is in the same location, the accounts can be flagged as the same person which can cause all the accounts to be banned.

For the safety of everyone, there are some things you can do to make it work. First, you cannot buy from each other at all. If a seller receives a sale or review from someone in the same location, it is considered manipulation and can cause you big problems. Second, you must each have your own method to receive payment as you cannot use one PayPal/Payoneer/Other for 2 or more accounts. Third, you should not have identical gigs or ones that are very similar to one another. If you want to work on the same type of gigs, it is better to be a team and use ONE account for all people on the “team.” If you have the same type of gigs, it gives an appearance of one user with multiple accounts. Third, you need to contact Customer Support.

You need to tell Customer Support how many people have accounts in the same location, the real names (on the account) and the usernames, tell them that you will not buy from each other and you will not have the same gigs. Then very politely ASK them to give you permission to share a connection while having different accounts, different computers and different payment methods. IF CS confirms that you have permission to do what you are doing, you will be fine. Just keep a copy of the permission with the names and usernames, etc.

If you have already made mistakes in this area, it can be more difficult, so hopefully you have not. For example, if one of your group has purchased from another already this is very risky. The safest thing is to close one of the two accounts and even that is not a guarantee. So, if you have already taken risks, you may want to put gigs on pause, contact CS and explain clearly and politely. Ask them if you need to close one or more of the account or what instructions they would like you to follow. This is important, since even if you don’t get in trouble right away, later on you could suddenly find yourself unable to withdraw your funds. You would have to supply scans of your identification and photos of yourself, etc. to prove who you (all) are which can be lots of trouble and could result in loss of your funds.

Good luck! One other thing, although it may seem like a nice thing to do, as a newer seller please remember that most of the people speaking on the forum are sellers like you. Even forum moderators and admins are sellers. It is not good etiquette to contact forum users by inbox unless they invite you. Since all sellers need to respond to messages and watch out for response rate, you should keep your conversations on the forum only unless someone specifically says you may contact them. Thanks.