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IP Theft, Can't create Gig! (RESOLVED)

I just wanted to let everyone know that because some jackass has used one of my renders for their Gig representing their work (IP theft), that it’s giving me all sorts of problems in creating a Gig. Please don’t use other people’s work in your Gig.

It’s my first time trying to create a Gig here and it keeps getting removed because another Gig has use a render from one of my other on-line portfolio’s where I share my work. I’ve contacted customer support and they unfroze my gig but the other account never removed the image so when I edited and re-uploaded some related images to my Gig, it froze again and gave me a stike! WTF. I’m just trying to create an F’ing Gig here and I’m having all sorts of issues because some talentless jackass that stole my $hit. Not happy.

Just sharing my experience.


I am sorry to hear this.

For your safety, you might remove the country name. As even tho true, you may get a ping in the forum for mentioning a country in way someone one may construe as negative. His country isn’t the issue here. His being an IP thief is.

Sadly there may not be a lot you can do in the sort term at least. I would suggest watermarking your work so it is harder for it to be stolen like this. Sad as it mars the work too.

I also assume that if you can render that, you can render many other things so use other images. Or ever put this inside another image to make it more unique for bots.



I understand you’re frustrated and that you need to vent, but edit the post and censor the seller’s name/location in the pic, because it’s against the forum rules.

At this point you just need to contact support directly. You will have to wait a lot of time for a response currently, but it’s the only solution. They will take the appropriate steps towards the seller and should reverse your strike.


“His country isn’t the issue here. His being an IP thief”… you’re funny, like his country doesn’t have anything do with it. There are certain countries that shall remain nameless that are synomous with IP theft. It’s been edited, I’ll leave it at that.

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Yeah, it’s been edited. I’m no rush here, just wanted to create an account for kicks so I’m glad I stumbled onto this actually. I’ve sent the actual seller a message, I’m sure they will remove it.


Of this aware we are :wink:


Others have come here and said when they messaged “thief” it did not do any good until CS go involved.

Ok so I think you should not only contact support but there is a “report” (flag icon) button right when you open the gig, you should report it through that link so it will go to the right team directly, attach there a link to your original portfolio where your image was stolen from and specify the date when you uploaded your photo there and see if that guys account was created after that date.


Thanks, that’s great, didn’t realize we could do that also. I’m sure it goes to the same ticket service though. I spoke to the offender and they said they will remove it, we’ll see. I don’t get why people bother doing this, you’re always going to get caught, and it just hurts your own rep in the end… on my portfolio, clearly shows I uploaded on Dec6th, 2014 and that’s baked into the Grabcad servers. Plus I won an award for the design, PLUS everyone from that site, knows it’s mine LMAO… their fiverr account…created Mar 2020. lol. Makes me wonder if their other images are fake also.


No, it goes to a different department. Fiverr support is a first line of support. “Report” button will send your report to a trust and safety team directly.


Alright, so after all that drama, they took the image down, sent a big message about how they didn’t know it was mine, yet they go on to mention that they’re a big fan of my work and followed me on the other site where my main portfolio is. LOL. What??? did you’re mouse just slip and attach the image by accident LOL.
I bet they were pressured by Fiverr mostly or they were going to get suspended.

I’ll mark this as resolved.