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Iphone app bugs

I can’t change to the right gig to send on buyer’s request and it’s been many months. This is really frustrating because I can’t offer my gig right away. Anyone experiences the same?

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Yes, consistently. It’s very annoying.

I just got the update. Hopefully that’s something they fixed?

Edit: Just checked, nope.

Yeah. I like to Watch Another Update

You should send your gig which is in the same category with the buyer request. Isn’t it too hard to understand?

@ducnomo You’d be surprised at the sheer amount of people who classify their tasks in the wrong category.

Just because they put their gigs in the wrong category, Fiverr should allow them and others to spam the buyer request section with unrelated gigs? Hope that function will come on Fiverr web version soon.

I think you’re misunderstanding (or maybe I am). We’re talking about the classification of sending offers in the buyers request, which is something you can’t change in the iPhone.

You are. OP means to send offer from whatever gig he/she wants. You mean to narrow the request into your chosen category.

Hmm, okay. I don’t know what OP was going for, but I wasn’t talking about narrowing down requests, but sending offers to some tasks that were put in the wrong category.

Common example is a lot of buyers put blog posts under “Creative writing and scripting”, which means Fiverr automatically selects my gig as short-story writing instead of the much more suitable blog post one (under the “Articles and Blog Posts” category)

On android as well
Couldnt see the attachments always

I share similar problem with @somaginer1996 . As I do different types of animation and video editing, I would like to send the proper gig to clients. Otherwise it would look as if I’m just spamming around. Totally unprofessional.

Despite the fact that a mobile phone can literally be replaced with a computer when it comes to writing, I really hope Fiverr will look into this soon, instead of deciding if they should use ‘send quote’ or ‘buyer’s request’.

I cannot attach files. That’s annoying and I’ve lost $100 due to this.