IPHONE APP SUCKS.. doesn't respond and or receive the messages.. I send and nothing


This APP SUCKS DONT USE IT WASTE TIME and users sending to dont receive the messages…

Multi times I send and they dont receive or MYSELFthey send and I dont get it…

FIX IT OR GET RID OF IT>> COSTING PEOPLE AND WASTING TIME>> Its a simple mail system Get one of your programmer to fix it…


Works great on my 5.


Works great on my 7 plus. I just can’t use the forum in the app.


Most of it works great on my 7 too. I can read the Forum but it is difficult to post anything. :confused:


Hay It’s working great also on my old iPhone 4s. Recent update added very nice feature. It’s awesome.!!


Did you try from latest version.? I comment you from mobile.


I will try it out! 20


oh very sad to hear it :frowning:


Works great on my 7, often I use it to reply something like 'I can’t get into full detail now, but as soon as I get to studio, I’ll take a look and advise." That’s 99% for me, just being able to communicate, not delivering projects or making offers.