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Irate Customer!


I have a customer who has purchased three gigs from me 2 days ago, they were to post reviews for her, two reviews each gig. I completed her request brilliantly and received rave reviews from her. On the site where the reviews are posted, she also indicated that they were helpful, which means that she was able to view each review and also interact with them.

She recently purchased another gig for two reviews and like before I posted the reviews that she ordered however, this time, she claims that she cannot view the reviews even the ones from the past. I have continuously checked back and forth, each review, and I myself can view them with no problem. I told her this and she stated that my computer probably recognizes the cookies and pulls up the site from its past history in my computer (if that makes any sense at all). Upon reading that, I deleted all history in my computer and was still able to view each (8 total) reviews. I even sent her screen shots of each review individually which includes the date and time in the bottom right hand corner (like any computer does) and she is still not satisfied. So I’m asking you guys, my general public, what should I do about this damn lady??? - See more at: