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Ironic. Just a fun post

God, Fiverr is trying too hard to get as much as possible attention through social media, but atleast do it right! :joy:



Is Fiverr hiring a mek-sell to write its copy?? :flushed:

Next up: “Impress your costumers with a brand new logo from Feverr!”


I’m sorry iamsachmusic, I think the joke went over your head. The joke was that “message” was spelt incorrectly, they misspelt it on purpose. Happy birthday btw.

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IDK. I read this as more of a spelling error than as a joke too. Possibly it is a joke. However, they really needed to make that a little clearer by adding an emoji.

All someone has to do is visit the forum and they’ll see sellers offering massages everywhere. :slight_smile:


Good One Mate :sweat_smile:

Same. It’d be consistent with Fiverr’s philosophy.

Happy birthday, @iamsachmusic! :slight_smile:

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I’ve always wondered what "do first ask forgiveness later" means.

Does it mean that I can send an empty delivery or a load of garbage to a buyer and simply say sorry afterward?

I might try this next lime I barge through people taking selfies in the middle of scenic paths where I walk my dogs. i.e. "Sorry about that, but I work for Fiverr, Bye."

I could even start a viral marketing campaign if I did it right… :thinking:

Happy birthday @iamsachmusic