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Irregular buyer and with bad feedback 😢

Irregular buyer and with bad feedback :cry:

Anyone suggest me how to avoid the irregular bad buyer.
I did a job before ordering me. The buyer was satisfied but his response rate was 10/100. He replied message after one day or more day later.
Did he ask me how to pay? I offered him a custom offer and he accepted the offer. Though the design was complete according to his instruction so I delivered the design sample and again asked his “If you have anything update please tell me”. But nothing reply. Then the order became auto-completed.

But I send him a message and insure him about worry the auto-complete the order. I will do update if he have anything update. Again no response and now gave me two(**) star with feedback.


There’s not much you could do, but next time use the word “revision” or “alteration” instead of “update”. Maybe he didn’t understand you could still change it…

Thank you very much.
But the custom offer I sent him after completing the design and he confirmed me.

I always try to see buyer profile and previous works rating. Then I decide to work him/her. Thank you so much.

Thank you very much for your suggestion but he was totally new joining 2020 April. He has no any previous review.

I saw the review, he is complaining about your English, so it was a problem of bad communication. You must really find a way to improve your communication, even if you have to use Google Translate…

He just asked me “How to pay” then I sent him the custom offer. I can’t understand why he wrote the feedback.

One more information the negative feedback is the first and today I got the 2nd level seller notification.

Well, just ignore what happened and move on. But be more careful with your English anyway. And congratulations on achieving level 2 :slight_smile:

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it takes all kinds a world to make. 4.9 over 75 or so reviews really isn’t too shabby though

my only advice would be to maybe change “english, fluent” to “basic”, but you seem to be doing pretty well :slight_smile:

the buyers book is called “a lifetime to heal” which is amusing to me :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your advice.