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Irrelevant Buyer requests

I updated my skills and still, I am receiving irrelevant buyer requests. Can anybody please guide where is the problem? I am also frequently sending offers to buyer requests but not getting any response.

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Hi afshansher104, Welcome to Fiverr forum.

Please check the categories you have chosen for your gigs. Also add relevant 4-5 tags at the end of your gigs. Hope this help.

For your second question, while sending a buyer request, First read the request very carefully and then start typing your proposal. Make sure that you do not copy paste the same text to each and every buyer. Tell the buyer that you have read the requirements/instructions very carefully. Tell the buyer that you will provide a sample as well. After that talk about the tools etc that you will be using and then tell him/her the cost and time.

Hopefully you will get orders. Good luck!



Thank you so much for your guidance. Appreciated.
About gig categories I already optimized those. I tired to write 3 buyer request as per your instructions because someone already suggested me to follow these guidelines but still not getting any response.

In addition to what @pixelsgeek has mentioned, it is also possible for buyers to select the “wrong/irrelevant” sub-category when creating buyer requests. This will result in irrelevant gigs being shown to sellers.

For example, let’s assume that a buyer who wants to get their English novel proofread selected irrelevant sub-categories such as “whiteboard & animated explainers” and “video marketing” while creating their buyer request.

This buyer request would only be visible to sellers who offer services related to whiteboard animations and video marketing. The buyer request would, unfortunately, not be visible to the “relevant” sellers who offer English proofreading services.

Therefore, sellers who have whiteboard animation/video marketing gigs would be confused/annoyed to come across a buyer request requesting for proofreading services.

It is possible that the abovementioned reason might be why you are seeing irrelevant buyer requests.

My suggestion: Just ignore BRs that are not relevant to you and focus on the relevant ones. :slight_smile:

Good luck! :sunny:


Definitely! Or they need two things from two different categories, and post them both within the same request.

In the “brand names and slogans”, I’ve seen requests for a slogan and a logo. A logo designer wouldn’t even see these requests, even though they could design a logo.


Maybe the “Other” subcategories that you have a couple of gigs in (eg. business->other) might lead to more irreverent requests than those not in “other” subcategories. Some of the top ranked gigs about writing linkedin profiles are in “writing & translation>resumes & cover letters” rather than “business->other” so it’s possible putting it in that category might help (if it can be changed).


Thank you so much for your available suggestions.

Same in my case, I am seeing requests for logo design which is not even mentioned in my skills.

Thanks for your useful suggestion.