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Irresponsibility of fiverr customers support

Irresponsibility of fiverr customers support


I beg to differ. CS has always remained polite and professional in my dealings with them. They haven’t always given me the answer I wanted to hear, but as long as I was patient, I did get an answer. And most of the time they have solved my problem or acted on my complaint in a reasonably quick time.

When I read the forums, I can see that CS must get overwhelmed, sometimes, and most of the time the “problem” isn’t a problem at all, just someone who hadn’t read through the Fiverr Terms of Service, or read the articles in the learning center, or read the posts on the forum (or even bothered to use the forum search engine at all).

I’m sorry you’ve had some kind of problem, but I don’t think CS is irresponsible.

I’ve had very good experiences always with customer support.

But why fiverr didn’t response me ?

And they also suspend my support account also. How impressing is this ?