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Irresponsible buyer


Hello Forum Members,
Hope everyone doing well. I’m now worried about an order. Buyer ordered me a day ago and gave me wrong login information for his website. in this case, i can’t complete his task. I did message him many times but he didn’t reply yet. But delivery time showed LATE. So what should do i now?
Anyone suggest me please


I suggest using the resolution centre to cancel the order. State the reason as: “I didn’t receive enough information from the buyer” or “The buyer will order again”.

Of course you’ll lose the revenue for this order, but that’s much better than getting an automated 1 star review which will happen if he cancels after 24hr has passed since the deadline.

Hope that helps! I’d also recommended reaching out to him via the inbox prompting him to reorder and send the correct information.

Good luck,
Matt (xqggqx)


Thanks for your reply. if i cancel it then it will affect on my profile, i mean gig will be lost ranking



Please take care to send a cancellation request through before 24 hours after the deadline. This way it will be considered “mutual” and your profile and reputation will be unaffected.

If the order is still undelivered after 1 day past the deadline and the buyer cancels, a 1-star review will be automatically left on your gig which will hurt sales significantly. I highly recommend taking the advice in my previous message to avoid this.

Matt (xqggqx)


Already opened a dispute. But it’s really disgusting when buyer doesn’t reply :rage: Anyway thanks for your help


If that’s disgusting, then how will you feel like after years and years of hundreds (if not thousands) of unresponsive buyers and late warnings? :smiley:

I’ve had them all, and you can’t do much or anything about it. Some buyers will have perfect reasons not to respond (i.e. unforeseen family or business problems), some will be on vacation since it’s that time of the year, and others will think they’ve given you the right info and return after they know the order should be completed.

It’s life, it’s unpredictable, not disgusting :smiley:


Its disgustingly unpredictable :joy:


next time when buyer information not suitable for your work i suggest you to open dispute “I didn’t receive enough information from the buyer” otherwise late orders very effected in your gig ranking.


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


I got below message from support team. hope it will be helpful for everyone,

Thank you for contacting us.

I reviewed your order and saw you submitted a cancellation request.

Your dispute is submitted and is sent to your buyer. They will have up to 48 hours to accept or decline. You can view your open dispute within the order page.

For future reference, you can use the “Resolve Now” link on the upper right-hand corner of your order page to request an extension of your delivery time from the buyer.

To do this, please click on the “Resolve Now” link on the upper right-hand corner of your order page. Then select one of the following reasons. These are the reasons for which you can extend your delivery time. The other reasons do not provide this solution.

Due to personal/technical reasons, I cannot complete the work
The buyer will order again
I didn’t receive enough information from the buyer
The buyer requested work, which is not offered in this Gig

Click Continue. On the following page, please select the “Extend the delivery time” option, then click Continue.

Select the number of days you would like to add to your delivery time, then explain further why you would like to extend your delivery time, and click Send.

The buyer will have 48 hours to accept or decline your offer to extend the delivery time of the order. If the buyer does not respond during this time, please follow up with us so we can further assist you.

We’re here if you need anything or have any further questions.

Kind regards,