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Irresponsible customer


Yesterday morning a client asked me an order and at 2 o’clock he answered asking questions about what he wanted and started to run the time (1 day), I wondered if I could do a video montage on a Gig where I only did photo montages, although I decided to do the job there anyway, because I also have a Gig where I make videos, but I did not send attachments or details of what I wanted. He didn’t answer any more, 22 hours ago he was online for the last time and there are 2 hours left for the time to run out and I couldn’t do anything. I need some help. What happens if time runs out? Do I look bad?


I can’t understand most of your post but if the buyer ordered and you didn’t gather info, that’s not good.

If you don’t deliver completely and on time it can reflect poorly on your account. You probably shouldn’t have one day delivery times at all if there are communication issues.


It’s just that he ordered and where he was supposed to send the attachments and give details he didn’t do it, and he wasn’t online after ordering. I still can’t understand why he ordered and disconnected, knowing that he had to give me more details so I could start working. My first order was successful and with 5 stars and the same delivery time and we had very good communication, I think this is the one that is failing.


Most of the buyer place the order and check the account on the delivery time.


His case wasn’t like that. After ordering he disconnected and never came back, 22 hours ago he was online for the last time.


On the order page when the buyer place an order there shows an option you have all the things to continue the order or not?


Now you have nothing to start?


If time runs out, you will see the red text of late on your timer and yes, your on-time delivery could be decrease.


Yes, but after he “met” the requirements, Fiverr assumes that I have everything to start working when the client meets the requirements.


No, I don’t have anything, I don’t even know how much time he wants for his video.


And what can I do about it?


Is my reputation or reliability reduced when I cancel an order? Will that show up on my profile or my Gig? @zaiba202 @avextor


Yes, your order completion could be decrease, but you could up it again.


Oh no! I hope I can have a successful order to make up for this one. :persevere:


My order completion is 89% right now because I did cancellation of $100 order. :roll_eyes:


I agree with what @avextor avextor said… At this stage of the order, the best thing to do would be to cancel the order. Go to resolution center of your order and then select the option which says something like “ask the buyer to cancel the order”… And, a request will be sent to the buyer to cancel the order.

However, there are chances for the buyer to refuse it? So, you could also send a message to CS about your having to cancel the order. Yes, it will temporarily affect your order completion rate I think… But you can always bring it back up… Besides, cancelling an order is like waaaaaaaay better than getting a bad review from either the buyer or the 1-star automated review that you get when you don’t deliver an order in time.


i also agree with you that better to cancel the order rather than having a bad review on your profile


sometimes, this happen because buyer didn’t read the gig(s) description and the requirement(s). this situation may harmful for sellers, especially if the buyer is difficult to contact (mostly). :roll_eyes:


Yeah, and that’s what I put in the description clearly: Contact me before you order. Buyer ordered without notice.


yes…also there is no point complain about that kind of irresponsible buyer to fiverr,they always support the buyers more than sellers…:sleepy: