Irresponsible customers


I do not understand the people who send orders is not pending the process and does not read the messages properly and appear days or weeks after the order ends to put low reviews or bad grades or worse appear to the months demanding answers and corrections. Or clients who during the whole work order seems great and they love it and at the end of the order still leave low reviews, this happen me two or three times is even more tedious than the customers who say that everything is perfect and last time They cancel the orders because they do not like it and still have a finished job, for which I work and do not charge anything.

Then they make the sellers look like the irresponsible ones. Has this happened to anyone?


Many times, I received 3.5 stars review for outstanding work just because my buyer had a stupid rule that he cannot rate anyone above 3.5 no matter how good the work is.
Some people should not be allowed online after a certain hour :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Hi, N.

While this has not happened to me before, I believe communication is key. Your buyers may be happy people, who have great conversation with you, but might not be happy with the overall output. Communicating in length with buyers is key here. If there’s anything most of my buyers would say about me, it’s that I can ask a million and one questions. This is not to bore them, but to ensure I can get into their head and see what they want their delivery to look like. Considering the review I have garnered thus far, I would say that has worked wonders for me.

Likewise, don’t forget to include Revisions. After submitting an order (especially to new buyers), I make a habit of reminding them that they have some free revisions to use in the case they needed anything changed within the order. That way, they don’t feel like you’ve just dumped the work on them (Some of them don’t know how the system even works).

I don’t know what the exact cause is, but I believe you’ll find some of these tips helpful


It has happened to me ,in my case the client said he needs a news letter so he sent me the company profile after sending him the work he say it was an email he needed to be opened for him.



You make some excellent points. All newbies should follow your advice. However, in this case, I’ve worked with Nanny twice and happen to know she does everything you just mentioned. She has excellent communication, asks the right questions, prompt in her responses and delivered exceptional work. It’s been about a year or so ago (around 10 or 11 months) but I still remember her style.

I found her or she found me on Buyer’s Request. I hired her because of her talents. I haven’t had a need for her services again but I am glad to see she is a level 2 now; I believe she was a newbie, level 0 back then.

Hello @nannyvainilla. I am very happy for your success and very sad to hear about dealing with difficult customers.

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I know how hard it is; for me for example, I always try to please them because otherwise I think they’re going to give a bad review, even if they’re asking for things that the gigs didn’t include them. But if things get too complicated maybe contact the Support Team is the best option.

Anyway, I though buyers had a deadline to give their reviews…