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Irresponsive Buyer

Recently I completed a project for one of my clients but he did not give me any feedback or review and the order is automatically completed but after some days later he contacted me and now saying that he is not satisfied with my service now I need to create the project again from scratch but the problem is when he first placed the order at that time he was very much irresponsive .
If I ask him something then he reply in the next day.
So now I want some suggestion from some experience sellers.
What should I do now because now he is telling me that if I don’t create the project again according to his requirements then he is going to contact Fiverr support to cancel the order.


I notice one of your gigs offers unlimited revisions on the premium package. My understanding of that is … you can never stop giving them revisions, even after the gig is accepted and over - even years later.

My advice to you is to limit your revisions. Unlimited revisions attracts the wrong kind of buyer …


I wonder when sellers will understand that offering unlimited revisions is NEVER a good idea :roll_eyes: :smirk:


If you say unlimited revisions then you have to do unlimited revisions, forever if he asks. So go ahead and do what he asked.


Though the terms of service says:

  • Buyers may use the “Request Revisions” feature located on the Order page while an order is marked as Delivered if the delivered materials do not match the Seller’s description on their Gig page or they do not match the requirements sent to the Seller at the beginning of the order process.

If the OP delivered what they said they would in the gig page and what the buyer asked for I’m not sure the seller necessarily has to keep doing revisions forever even if they have unlimited revisions.

Though we don’t know whether the gig used by the specified buyer had unlimited revisions or whether they used all their available revisions. It’s probably a good idea to allow a buyer to have a revision if they haven’t used all their revisions even after the order is complete though. Though I’d also agree it’s best not to have unlimited revisions on any gig (some of his gigs don’t have the unlimited revisions).

In this case, depending on the number of available revisions, maybe the seller could offer to do the work but maybe it depends (did the OP do exactly as was asked for)? What work needs doing? etc.

Also since the terms of service only says:

  • Requests for revisions can be performed through the Order page while the order is marked as Delivered.

It doesn’t mention requirements to do revisions after the order is complete.


In this case the seller’s description says “unlimited revisions”. So that is what he is offering to do.

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And the TOS says buyers can use (request) those revisions using the order page while the order is marked as delivered (not while it is marked as complete).


Ok then maybe he doesn’t have to. Why don’t they disable the revision button then.


We really need an official response from CS. Maybe the OP could contact CS through the helpdesk for that. It could also be added to the terms of service what to do when a buyer requests a revision (where there are still some available) when the order is complete.

Why don’t they disable the revision button then.

I’m sure they have in this case, since the order is marked as complete. The seller is probably just sending the request through the inbox.


I think it can be marked as both delivered and complete at the same time.

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But as soon as it’s marked as complete (whether or not it’s also marked as delivered) there’s no option of further revisions on the order page (where the TOS says a buyer can request them, when in the delivered state).

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Although the ToS doesn’t mention that, CS definitely tell you to “sort it out with the buyer” and fulfill their needs/meet their requirements even if they (the buyer) dispute the order 2 months after having given you a 5-star rating after order completion.


Though there’s also whether it’s reasonable. If you gave them 4 free revisions and they took 3 you could allow the other revision after it was complete if they asked. It wouldn’t I think mean someone with unlimited revisions would need to do unlimited (an infinite number of) revisions after the order is already set to complete (though they shouldn’t set it to “unlimited”). It also doesn’t mean a seller would need to keep doing revisions indefinitely if they just offered 5 revisions, even after the order is complete.

“Sort it with the buyer” could mean to offer to do it if a new order is made and offering with a reasonable price.


That is what the seller is offering. It’s very straightforward. To then not do unlimited revisions means the buyer can get a refund and CS does give refunds in this case.

There have been several sellers complaining about having to do unlimited revisions, not doing them, and the buyer getting a refund. Whether or not they were requested after the order was complete I don’t know.

I really don’t see how a seller can say “unlimited revisions” and then say “I’m not going to do unlimited revisions because the order is complete.”


Well, you can’t change your terms whenever you want. You can not say on your gig that you are offering unlimited revisions to tempt buyer to order your gig and after you have an order suddenly say that you don’t do unlimited revisions anymore.

We saw a lot of cases here on the forum with orders being cancelled even after they were marked as complete when sellers refused to provide revisions (Because CS considered that you didn’t deliver gig according to your gig description)

You might think that you did everything as he asked but obviously buyer thinks that you did something completely different and unable to follow his instructions.

However what you can do is to say that you will provide a revision however revision include minor changes on the created product and what is he asking a complete new task that wasn’t in the requirements originally (if it indeed wasn’t there) and you will create it for x amount of $


Yes he is sending request through the inbox.


I’ve been told by CS that since I offer 2-3 rounds of revisions (depending on the package) I’m obligated to provide them if they were not used by the buyer whenever the buyer needs them. If the buyer needs them in a year, I have to do them.

Other people were told that once the order is marked is complete you as a seller are done with it. You can keep working on it if you want to do right by the buyer but it’s up to you and you can’t be forced.

So fiverr’s position is that they don’t have a comprehensive position.

Moreover, CS will be the first to suggest to keep working on the order through inbox in case an issue like the one described here comes up.

But to add to what most people are saying, unlimited revisions are not good for you. “Unlimited” doesn’t read as “as much as you need before the order is marked complete”. “Unlimited” reads FOREVER. Good luck convincing your buyers otherwise.


@maitasun but, If I turned off the unlimited option, no buyers will buy my gig.

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I think you’ve successfully built your trust and now it is time to get benefited. I am not yet a reliable person as I am newbie on fiverr community. but what I share with you is in general indeed.


Only bad or scammy buyers won’t buy from you, serious buyers will buy :wink:

Just set a reasonable amount of revisions you’re willing to give for free on each package.