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Irritating ! Help someone


I offer presentations gig…And i when i search by typing powerpoint presentation…My gig doesn’t appear…rather irrelevant gigs appear except a few. But when i search pdf or video presentation it appears. But i want that when people search for powerpoint, my gig should appear…because i see many people use request gig section for powerpoint and when i contact them…they say that this work is completed on other freelancing sites and they complain that when they searched for powerpoint my gig didn’t apppeared otherwise they would have odered here. Please someone help. What can i do to make my gig appear ??


just use “powerpoint” in your tag. Search on depends upon tags.


Tags plus the rank of your quality and number of gigs. Those that sell more and get great ratings I think have a better chance of being ranked.


Fiverr search changes every few hours.

I am analyzing that.

Don’t worry, if it doesn’t appear now… it’ll appear later.

Increase your gig description, add more tags if possible


And keep delivering with 100% ratings, that is also a great method of ensuring you get orders. People CAN sort by other criteria.


@Iparziale and @princemaxx and @sheikhsabayyal Thanks !!1


@Iparziale i have used all the possible tags…i have completed 12 orders of presentation gig (an it is maximum then gigs which appeared when you search for powerpoint presentation) i have 100% feedback…then also it don’t appears…If this persist why buyers will come to fiverr…Because till now i have got 6 messages in which buyers have 25-30 $ each on other sites for getting their presentation work completed…and when i showed them my example…they loved it very much and says - ‘I would be very happy to work with you your presentation skills are good but i have got my work completed on ______ sites.’