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Irritating seller!


I have been in contact with this seller and before I delivered the order, they wanted me to send them a copy with me saying preview (so they couldn’t leave with the preview). I sent it to them but they never reply to my messages. They have been online and all that. I might say,

Hi, I shall deliver the finished version now!

And the come online in 2 seconds.

WTH do I do

you never trust buyers, you never know when you will get a scammer or simply someone that lacks comunication skills. If he wanted something delivered outside of the order’s page, you should have just delivered on the order’s page regardless. If you did send it to the order’s chat, just sent the finished product to end count down. Buyers can not end an order without consent if you delivered it to them. Plus, after 3 days the order will be automatically complete and you will get the money (that just happens to prevent AFK buyers).

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I agree with @andreaszubaran if you have finished the work turn on the Fiverr watermark and deliver the work to them. If he/she is a genuine buyer they will accept the order or if there are any changes and they have revision left they can ask for the same. Or else if they don’t pay attention at all it will be marked as completed after 3 days.