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Irritating Spam Messages

Today I’m sharing some of my bad experiences with a heavy heart. I’m a new seller: not a week passed I’ve joined here. I came here to do works and build up my career. But some spam messages full with harassment is breaking my heart. They knock me like a buyer and move the topic into personal questions. What can I do? Someone please suggest me. I’m total disappointed with my beginner experiences. :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:


My deepest sympathy with you. It’s really annoying to hear such kinds of harasment issue. Please take necessary steps with the help of Help & Support.


Very unexpected experience . Hope you will get with good experience .Best of luck.

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Report them and block.

Do not put up with spam. Set your boundaries now.


I hope so it’s totally unexpected here on fiverr.

Will there be any problem in my gig for this step? how I ignore spam massage in inbox please help me . :pensive: :cry:

Thank you so much for your help .

Truly a sad incident. Please contact with Fiverr support center. Hope that they will give a proper solution of it. Best of luck.

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New sellers are often targeted by spammers/scammers. To report a message, hover over in with the chat, and click ‘report’. Once you do, you should also get a prompt to block.



@imagination7413 Thank you so much for your help . it really disappointed me

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Thank you so much :innocent: :innocent:


unexpected experience. Stay strong and protect them.


Hope you will get with good experience.Wish you all the best :slightly_smiling_face:

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too much irritating experience.

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Hi Rainy.
I am really shocked to hear this. Sorry for the inconvenience you felt. But don’t worry about that. Just inform the Fiverr Support and they will ban his account and won’t allow anyone to harass any of their members whether new or old.
All the best.

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Can I attach this fake buyer massage in help and support ?

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This is part of working of fiverr, just mark the message as spam and move on.

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yes it’s really disappointed me when a buyer ask question about my work than he say I am not a buyer and ask personal questions I never expected this question in this place . :pensive: :cry:

Thank you so much for your suggestion.

Thank you so much for your supporting me .