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Irrregular client


How can solve this ?? This buyer starts the order for 1 day but he did not come in time. when I send his work he starts revision but no response from him. continuously message him but no response. how can complete this order? He did not come regularly nowadays I am fade up. Does anyone have any idea how can I complete this order?


Did you send them completed work? Did they ask for a revision after the completed work was sent? If they haven’t got back to you just send the completed work you initially sent again. If they got a problem with it they will surely ask for a revision. If they don’t ask for a revision and don’t get back with any requirements, repeat the same process and send it again. They may be trying to scam you into canceling the order. Or maybe your work wasn’t up to par and they feel like you can not complete the job so they stuck trying to figure out what to do next.


first, when I send my file my client not online when he come back he starts revision. then I ask him what you please inform me he informed but 3 days letter then I complete his work his as he wants,then I send a sample but he is not online and he did not give me any feedback is his work okay or not. so how can I understand is his work okay or not. now my gig going to be down day by day.
nowadays I can’t get any order from Fiverr .

di you have any idea how can I solve this issue ??

Just deliver your revised work on the order page. If they need another revision they will ask for it.


Revisions are requested after the work has been delivered, I never understood why some sellers do this? I understand it’s good to keep the buyer up to date and make adjustments to keep the customer happy at the final delivery, but if you saw that he wasn’t online why didn’t you trust your insticts and your skills to finish the work based on the brief and any previous conversations?

As they say, you’ve learned it the hard way.

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