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Is $1,400 possible for new Level 1 seller w/ only 4 gigs?


A fiverr user named Kyle Crawford posted a comment on June 28, 2012 under The road to financial independence infographic on the site that stated "…I made over $1400+ since I join 4 months ago with only 4 gigs."

Is it possible to earn that amount when you’re a new Level 1 seller selling gigs for $5? I believe Kyle, but as a brand new member of fiverr I’m not clear on how someone can do that even with extras or add ons. (Sorry if “extras” & “add ons” are the wrong terms, I just registered earlier today.) Can anyone clarify/explain whether Kyle’s claim is possible?


Possible! One of my friend earned $3500+ with only one gig! He tell me about this site :slight_smile:


Yes friend this possible im make 1000$+ level 1


Certainly is possible!