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Is $100 extra's taking away the whole point of Fiverr


Surely I’m not the only one to think the success of Fiverr is down to how cheap it can be to get a great gig. It really surprised to find that gig extras can now be $100. Is this wrong, or is this a good thing?


I’d think of it as a good thing.

It’s like apple, amazing marketing technique but you’ll need to spend more to get the best (or probably the better) product.


Think of it as 20 $5 extras.



I think it is a good thing. The $5 base price of gigs becomes a come-on for buyers who may then purchase gig extras for more than $100.


I also think this is a good idea.


Woah, I havent seen a 100$ gig extra before. I hope i don’t, lol!


I think its good to have this because some things on here are worth more then $5


Reply to @magisworks: Don’t call it a come-on. That sounds deceptive. LOL Call it an “incentive”, shall we :wink:


Reply to @caiterz: Maybe Fiverr should have another site called hundrederr.


The point of fiverr, in my eyes, is to test a provider for a service. And if it’s a quality outcome to double, tripple, and even quadruple down.

McDonalds has a $1 menu, does it get “invalidated” because they have a $4 specialty coffee?


I think it is great! I make $350 a pop all of the time on here, and my buyers will love it! Gotta work smart, not hard. $5 is just a springboard for the real money :slight_smile:


I view it as not an increase in quality necessarily, but a extended offering of services. Every gig, even $5, should be high quality. $100 would be for extras such as extensive editing, or something else very tedious, time consuming, or that requires a unique skill.


personally, i think it’s too much. personally i view fiverr as a casual side thing to earn a few bucks. if you’re that serious, better to set up your own website, run your own business, and deal through paypal directly.


For me as a newbie here on fiverr, I think that even newbies should be able to at least offer multiple gig purchases. I lost out on a $80 order because they didn’t want to spend ages re-ordering over and over 16 times! I understand you have to prove your worth before being able to offer extras etc, but it put me off offering most services I could to be honest, and now I just offer small services. I think it is harder for new people to get started on here…


The point of Fiverr is to offer your customer a sample of things you can do for $5. The base rate a buyer would pay for a basic service. Some buyers can afford a service for $10, $20, $50, or $100. I write a blog called Fragglesrock…maybe some of you heard it and maybe you haven’t. I keeps the blog gig inexpensive for Fiverr sellers but all my other gigs all bets are off. I really like the fact that now I have the potential as a level 2 seller to sell services almost as much as a top rated seller. My highest gig extra is $40, but I only offer it on a few of my gigs and on my speedy service because i know that people will only order it if they really need it. I get a lot of $10, $20 and multiple orders. I’m happy with multiples because I know the buyer wants more than just a basic $5 gig.


Reply to @sophee:

Been there and done that Sophee that’s when you get creative as to how you market the gig.


Kind of like the dollar store in my neighborhood, not everything is a $1 but the sign on the door draws people in


Reply to @talywa: While there is a fair amount of wisdom in what you’re saying. It ignores one of the real issues. Having a website is a little like having a billboard in Death Valley. Who’s going to see it?

Fiverr makes the Magic because it is a community, it has authority, cyclical, membership, and other traffic drivers and multipliers built right into it.

Do you think Professor Puppet would have made the media if it wasn’t that the story was about FIVERR? …well, maybe, but probably NOT and not with a whole lot more work.

And the fact that there is now $100 gig extras really, really means that there’s a huge opportunity for building a lifestyle business on


If I was able to charge $100 for extras I would be definitely be shifting some of my own business I run outside fiverr onto fiverr and save myself the headache of having to deal with paypal disputes, tyre kickers, et al and I think that is what fiverr are looking for.


dude it’s only actually $80… I’ve been here since August already (I think) and I’m quite frankly ready to transition from 65% of my requests being lots of ($5ers) to 20% or less being $5 gigs… The 20% fee DOES make me want to provide my services elsewhere (when I get annoyed with something) BUT you can’t put a price on the global platform you’re given here so I’ll stick around… so far I think it’s awesome and I just hope to keep attracting clients that are willing to pay for QUALITY of my work (that I DO deliver for ALL gigs) and that they will be happy to click $100 or $40 or really ANY extra with a gig knowing it’s worth it… Every transaction makes me think about what I can do next. It’s awesome. 8-X