Is 15 blog comments for just $5 too many?


I have been recently getting an increase in orders on my ‘15 blog comments for $5 gig’, and it suddenly hit me that I maybe doing too much work for just $5. I have changed the amount to 10 comments per gig, however I still question whether I’m doing too much. How many would you recommend that I do for $5, and what should I include in the extras?


Whether it is worth it to you or not is up to you.

I did have a question though, for that gig do you go out and find the blogs yourself or do they need to be provided?

Also, do you guarantee they will be approved and visible?

I used to do a blog commenting gig but found there were just too many variables to be able to make it worth it to me so I’m curious on how you’re doing it.



now as you have changed your dedcription to 1o, my advice is offering 5 additional as a bonus in your delivery which will defenitely make customers happier and more likely to give a nice feedback.


I have the same gig and add extras to my 10 for extra amount I will add a certain amount of comments. I promise not generic comments.


Reply to @seatbelt99: I go out and find the blogs myself. Or they tell me which of their blog posts they want me to post on.


Reply to @madmoo: The comments are fairly detailed, and are relevant to the actual topic of the blog post. In total, the blog posts usually take a few hours to complete, and since I am not really making $5 but $3.92, it doesn’t seem particularly worthwhile. However, I think that the real way for me to utilise this is through the extras, and I will be experimenting with them.

Thanks for your comment.


As a little update, I am afraid to say that since reducing my number to a mere 10 comments per gig, I have had no sales in the past month. :confused: