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Is 2 hour Respond Rate is harmful for my profile?

I am new seller fiverr. When i made my account in fiverr the response rate was 2 hours.But a client was knock me and i was reply some time later and then my response time was 1 hour to 2 hour. What can i do now?And is it harmful for my profile.? Need expertise help


no bro its not harmful for you profile…also that is show your response time…if response time is too long…some buyers think about your career more…last time my response time is going to 8 hours…so i always keep in online and check my messages…also now my response time is 2 hour…that is not harmful for our profile …but if you got bad review…that is really harmful for your profile


Thank you for the advice. I was really afraid when i saw that the response rate is 2 hours

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nothing to worry…keep creating…show your skills to others… :crossed_fingers:t2: :crossed_fingers:t2: :crossed_fingers:t2: :grin: :grin: