Is 301 domain backlink really good for seo?


hi i just wanna know !

is it really the backlink from NYtimes for old ulr and domain and i meak it 301 good for site ?


Good links are always good for a website. To be honest, though, I’m not sure what you’re really asking about. Perhaps you can rephrase your request.


Difficult to say as you have not given enough info.
If the NYTimes link is from a profile page on the site then no, it is pretty much like a link from your facebook profile - no real effect SEO wise. Also, if it is a link from a Times article then yes, it should be beneficial but then again there are other factors. If the TImes article content has nothing to do with your site then it won’t be much use. It sounds like you bought an old domain and redirected the links from it.
Basically, 301 redirects do maintain the value of the links to the new destination but whether the link was any good initially is something I can’t answer.