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Is 33 followers in 1 day



I started a new twitter account to market my business. I am pretty experienced at twitter but I wanted to get your opinion on growth stats. Is getting 33 followers in a day good, bad, or other. They are all relevant to wordpress, landing pages, and small business. Otherwise no garbage follows in my opinion.

Let me know your tweeting insights, thank you.



According to me 33 followers a day are pretty good, if you are not using any paid advertisement for your business twitter account.


No, this is all organic growth. I build it myself. Like Ramit Sethi says “a small list with the right people will always outperform a bigger list with other people.” I am so leary of team followbacks and similar style accounts on twitter.


That is awesome! :slight_smile:


Then that’s awesome, this much organic reach at start is stupendous according to me :slight_smile: and i totally agree with the saying


I am up to 100 twitter followers in less than two days. All relevant to small business and freelancing.


I currently sits at nearly 9K followers on twitter in my account entirely dedicated to quotes powered by IFTTT.(No, I don’t advertise my gigs in that account) I get around 10-20 followers per-day so 33 seems pretty good. The followers I have aren’t any targeted ones, just some normal random peoples though. :grin:


That is pretty good. I have 6 twitter accounts. One for spirit, another for hobby, another for parenting, another for a biofuels business, and then two for my separate business concepts. I am trying to validate that you can build a good follow base and then convert them into paying customers. I am using instapages to track this and test it.