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Is 4.3 the new 5?


Very recently I have been given two 4.3 ratings. I am pretty sure the seller who provided the 2nd rating didn’t want to over-think it and just used the same rating as the latest one she saw on my feedback page.

Otherwise, I have always received 5 stars (for the most part anyway!).

Have any other sellers recently experienced a surge in 4-point-something stars?

Its a bit frustrating and could be dangerous in the sense that buyers may be easily influenced by other ratings when providing their own verdict rather than thinking it through.


I’ve noticed that if I get one 4.3 or 4.7, it’s highly likely that I’ll get another one or two the same week or so. Could be buyers getting influenced by others, could be me having a rough period and not giving it my absolute 100%. Those 4* are never longer than 2-3 reviews for me so I don’t consider them too dangerous. They are puzzling, for sure.


That happens sometimes. I sometimes get 4.3/4.7 twice or even thrice in a row and sometimes I don’t get them for months. Do not stress about it. I think its just a coincidence.

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I saw that you provide services related to social networks posts. I always felt like this field may have its risks because some clients may misunderstand that you guarantee them a certain amount of engagement. I have heard about people expecting result in basically a day. How can you expect that :smiley:
However I guess that most of the “bad” reviews, are because of the “Would you recommend this to a friend!”. If they write a feedback below 5, it’s usually that one which may decrease the rating. I don’t know why and what do people think about it, but I think that our only choice is to keep providing the best we can. Also you have answered really well to your bad reviews. Some buyers come to you without explaining what they want even if you ask them to, and they would only tell you at the end they didn’t want it that way. That’s why it’s important to gain as much information as possible before starting to work on an order.

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Also, I don’t know if this is a theory or not, but I’m still going to float it and see if it makes sense to y’all - I’ve had buyers give me some wonderful written feedback but given me a 4.7/5 on the same hand as well (even if they’re extremely satisfied with the delivery). That’s why I’m beginning to think that for some buyers (even though they find no fault with the delivery per se), they can’t bring themselves to give a perfect score. Maybe it’s a subliminal thing?

For some context, I went to a school in India where some teachers, even if you’d done everything right (written the answer neatly, colour coded it, drawn lines, quoted the textbook verbatim, etc), they would still give a 4 and a half on a 5 (just because a full 5 wasn’t warranted in their eyes). Maybe it’s something along those lines? Not sure, still guessing in the dark here :thinking: