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Is 550 impressions and 5 clicks finee?

Hey, This is Rohith. I’ve created my gig more than a month ago. and all i got was 550 impressions and 5 clicks. That clicks number kinda hurts me.
This is my gig link
Can you kindly help me how can i convert that impressions into clicks and orders.
Btw I have worked a lot on the gig image. (kindly not give the cliche answer like improve the gig image)
Thanks <3


Hi @rohithnalla :slightly_smiling_face:

Whilst your Gig looks good, the grammar and sentence structure needs a bit of work to appeal to the U.K and American market; and just make it look a little more professional.
I have edited your Gig description slightly here for you:

*Have you ever imagined yourself sitting with your family and looking at beautiful digital art of yourself, hung on a wall, and looking back on all those lovely memories with them? *
If yes, you are at the right place to bring your imagination into reality, with my state of the art techniques and industry experience.

Hey, My name is Rohith Nalla.
I have over 7 years of experience with Photoshop and over 3 years of experience in digital art drawing.
I can be the Da Vinci who turns your pictures into a Mona Lisa of its own kind!

Why should you place an order with me?

Over 3 years of experience with local business and hundreds of satisfied clients.
I will listen to your preferences and opinions and deliver the exact painting you want with zero compromise on details.
Your satisfaction is paramount for me.

These paintings will make great gifts for your loved ones birthdays, or anniversaries, and would make really good decorative items for your home.

Please note:

I don’t mail any physical paintings to you, the final product of this gig is a high quality, print ready image.

Send me your picture(s) so we can discuss on how to make them look stunning.

Also, make use of the FAQ section of your Gig. Imagine yourself as a potential customer.
What would you want to know before making a purchase?

Good luck with your Gig! :crossed_fingers:


Thanks a ton for putting your time into the description. Good luck to you too


Don’t mention it man! Happy to help! :grin: