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Is 95% rating required to send custom offer via app?

Hi im unable to send custom offer directly to buyers via android app in buyers request section is it because my rating is 94% which is less than 95% .

Then you may have to work to raise your rating above 95% with strong, quality work, and many more positive 5-star reviews.

I Dont think that the rating has any connection with app’s particular feature. It may be going to be available with the next update.

I’m able to send custom offer to buyer without buyer contacting me first on desktop but unable to do same via app

@kjblynx are you a moderator on this forum?

reply to @kjblynx Are you able to send custom offer to buyer’s requests via app as you do in desktop (Without buyer’s first contact ) ?

Reply to @kjblynx: The app didn’t have the option to send custom offers via buyer requests as recently as a few weeks ago. I guess they changed it?