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Is 97% order completion rate fine?

recently one buyer placed order without my permission and then we had to cancel it. My order completion rate went to 97%
I want to know, does this affects ranking?
And how can I get my order completion rate back to 100% ? or will it get reset after 60 / 120 days?


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97% is fine. minimum 90% rate . try to make it stable on 100
becoz if you are already 97, due to some busy shedule or net probem you can miss some more replies in time and u will be very down
then it will not easy to handle until you reply 20+ .
but its not easy to get so many mesages to reply.

its not response time, i am asking about order completion rate

oh sorry. misunderstanding

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no problem can you suggest anything?

as per rules, neither a seller nor a buyer can cancel the order himself.
Each party has to request for cancellation to other party explaining their dispute and other party has to either decline or accept that cancellation.

I know but I am asking about how does it affects?

formula : ( Total Orders Completed / Total Orders Taken ) X 100.
For example, You took 50 orders in the last 60 days, out of which 5 were cancelled, so there are actually 45 orders completed. So 45 Completed / 50 Taken X 100 = 90%.

Just wait for more orders. it will slowly make it better


thanks, this helps

don’t worry, when you get more orders then it will increase.

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97% is great score, everything at at least 90% is great

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I have more orders :slight_smile:

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then it will increase.

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wish u best of luck ,

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people always appreciate successful people in life
and you are one of them. successful in your field.

This might be useful: .

In order to maintain your seller level (no matter what level you’re at) you must keep a 90% or better completion rate.

So from that point of view you are fine.

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don’t worry about it 97% is great .best of luck of your future

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its not easy to maintain orders to remain in level