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************** is a PSYCHIC SCAMMER

So if anyone else has been scammed by this fraudster and encounter this, add your experience. The lady led me on for 5 months when I had been in a mentally and emotional weakened state. Everyone at some point finds themselves there and sad to say instead of there being genuine guides to offer a - FREE - nudge, you have leeches out here trying to make a quick buck out of pretending to have the answers to your problems. For a total of 5 months the female said she’d bring someone in for me to grow with as I’d been focusing on developing and only wanted someone I could flow with that was as responsible as I am. The psychic told me that the more energy she sent me, the more the supposed person would drift to me. Soon enough, excuses poured through and it made me feel bad and desperate enough to spend more money on orders. She had me in the trap. That last for 5 months for a total of 27 orders. It was 28 but I cancelled the second to last and then tried one last time before stopping and not contacting for 7 months to see if after all of that it would happen … Well after continuing in my path, everything’s been great thanks to MYSELF except I never found a young goddess to flow with, a young woman my age that is focused on development of herself and those in her direct space. Pretty much, it confirmed to me that it was a huge scam and waste of $2000+ and this is a cautionary lesson so no one else falls for the scam. Now I’m in the process of contacting Fiverr so we can get many cases in and refunds. I definitely want my refund after waking up and realizing that sick parasite has been leeching off of a lot of people that are only going through a mentally / emotionally weakened moment. The category really should not be on Fiverr like that. Comment your experience if you have one with the FRAUDSTER. We’re making the cases known. !

MOD NOTE It is against the forum rules to call out a buyer or seller. You may send the username to customer support if the user has actually violated the fiverr terms of services , but the public forum is not the right place for name call-outs ************** is a PSYCHIC SCAMMER


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Hi, yep. This scam or the “love spell” is really quite common on fiverr. And many ppl have been dicussed about this type of service.

A lot of sellers that offer those service are using the buyer loneliness, desperation to lure the buyer in buying their gig.

And the best part is , they earn a lot on fiverr.

I personally brought 2 taro reading before , and I can guarantee after 1 year of waiting , none are true. I personally don’t believe in those , just want to try out :).

And you will need to remove the name of the seller as it’s prohibited on the forum. We can’t shame the seller or buyer here . So you will need to blur to your trim it

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I think you can contact fiverr CS telling them that the seller had “cheat” on you and the seller blocked you and you are not able to contact the seller.

Although this might help, but I don’t think fiverr will able to cancel the orders that is more than 90 days

Spending $2000+ to “get yourself a goddess” is not strange at all.

That being said, I’m happy for your personal growth. And if those now removed screenshots contain any proof of emotional abuse or manipulation on seller’s part, I hope you get refunded.

Also, here is another post for you:

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