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Is a re-write appropriate here?

Hi, here is the original request that I got from a buyer:

" I need a letter to send my customers that placed a credit card dispute, this letter will explain them how, since they signed this contract, that if they not removing the dispute until a certain date (that I will manually add to your letter) we will pass their info to collection and the credit bureau, and that in addition to the original amount they will have to pay penalties and collection legal fees. of cores, you will use good manors and legal terms."

It is for a taxi service.

Now the buyers want me to rewrite the whole letter, as he wants it to sound as if it is coming from a third party. Here’s what I answered:

"Your original request read that you needed a letter to send out to YOUR customers … that YOU will pass on their info to the credit bureau, etc.

Therefore, I wrote it as if it is coming from YOU.

If you want me to change it so that it can sound as if it is coming from a third party, it was not mentioned in the original order, and I shall have to re-write everything. The whole tone and perspective of the letter will have to be changed. Also - where should the message come from, then?

I can re-write, but we’ll have to create a new order for this."

Is it fair to insist on a new order? He still wants me to re-write in spite of my answer. Do you think it is appropriate?

Please help fellow-writers. In essence, I’ll have to do the whole thing over.
What should I do?

If the buyer/buyer’s company is sending the letter but wants the letter to sound like it’s coming from a third party (from a company other than the buyer’s) couldn’t that be fraudulent if sent? eg. if the actual third party has no knowledge of the letter and it isn’t actually from them.

If it would be a fraudulent letter (if it says/sounds like it’s from a third party when it isn’t?) it would be best not to do the change.

But if it’s totally different to the original requirements you could also say you can’t because of that. Though if there’s a legal reason not to do it that could also be given.

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