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Is adding a video to my gigs necessary?

I’m celebrating my first year on fiverr at the end of the month and i’m really excited for it. i’ve been reading a lot of tips to increase sales and one famous feature is the video.

Is it really necessary to have one? or can i maintain the business without it?

Thank you!


Generally I would answer that with a yes. Video does increase the convincing power to some extent … But I LOVE the way you have presented your gigs. If I was looking to order any of the services that you offer, I would have already done that.

Like the above poster has said, your gigs look great. Personally, though I would add video as doing so has helped me rank better in searches and get more business. Also, you would still be able to keep your gigs presented in the way they are by using the images from each gig as the first scene in your videos and using this first scene as a thumbnail.