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Is adding multiple gigs that are similar spamming the market?

I have a question because I see this often and I am really curious about the general opinions of this. Sellers are allowed multiple gigs. While I understand adding multiple gigs will likely help me get seen more by buyers, if the gigs are very similar… isn’t that basically just spamming the market in a way? I see sellers with the same exact or very similar gigs posted. I have been wanting to post more gigs, but I don’t want to feel spammy, because I feel that it is. I do have 2 gigs that are in the same topic range but completely different and with much different pricing. I get all my orders on my main gig anyway and have only ever received one order from the other one. Thoughts? Opinions?

Fiverr do not allow similar multiple gigs.

Well, that’s good to know. I’ve seen it though, so I suppose it’ll eventually get flagged and taken down. Makes sense. I knew there had to be something wrong. Thanks :slight_smile:

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