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Is Age Really Matters in LONGTRERM?

HI, fiverers,

I’m Shen.
I know there are a lot of topics similar to the topic, but this isn’t what it seems.

From what I’ve seen and realized, I think one of the best ways to get more clients, is to be a human on the Fiverr.
I mean uploading a video that explains what I offer, And why I’m unique.
So the buyers get more motivated to place an order as they know there is another human there on the other side of the gig.

So here comes the problem.
As I’m 16 years old young one and seems much younger in the videos and pictures, I’m afraid that I won’t get viewers converted into buyers as there is a chance that they won’t trust in me and won’t take me seriously.

What should I do in this matter?
Is it okay to create a gig video as I mentioned above?



Age can be a factor as seeing you are looking to engage the emotions of other people, you will engage them all - as you must to get them passionate about parting with coin to do your thing.

Being “too young”, “too old”, “too male”, "too female, “too white”, “too ethnic minority”… are all factors you have to take into account. And hopefully step past so they are no longer an issue. You need to set the agenda.

So how is it that one “kid” can be seen as immature and another a wizzkid? One “old ugly dude” over the hill and another as skilled & wise? The thing is to focus on the thing you do. If you dress appropriately for your type of craft and speak with authority about the craft you will be judged more for your skill than your chest measurement.

If you are younger, avoiding the usual giveaways of the arrogant incompetent like starting sentences with the word “so” and then proceeding to write “hehe” all over the place, is a great start.

By all means, make a video if that does what you hope. Be careful that others will not just take it as you being arrogant if you just say I, I, I.

Most importantly though, know with whom you hope to do business. Clearly, I do not want to do business with kids who say “hehe” every few lines, esp if they stated something dangerously close to a fact and made themselves nervous :roll_eyes:. You may whish to serve those types of people and they may love you. In which case your whole patter may be:

so like yeah hehe i um yeah you know hehe am you know really dedicated hehe to you know to hehe making things hehe



I do not understand. Your profile image shows a man that is not 16 years old.

I guess either the profile image is not yours or you are not 16.

And that is the problem here.


Ooh er, yes I see. Odd. interested to hear the response on that one???

Don’t ever lie. The internet is a small place full of people who will check.


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That’s not me.
I’m afraid that clients will judge me by my age and they won’t care eventhough I’ve developped my skills and ranked my gigs to the first page by optimizing my gig.

Thanks you @benedictrm for sspending your precious time helping me.

If you are a new viewer of this topic,
I’m still open to get your comments and ideas.
So please mention them.

Since it’s against the terms of service to show an image of someone else in your profile image you might be risking your account by doing that. You could show your own logo there instead if you wanted to.


I used to have a profile picture where I looked younger (I know my angles and the light was good that day). I became a TRS with that profile picture.

There wasn’t any distrust because I do graphic design pretty much like yourself, not market analysis or scientific research. The only problem was some sketchy gentlemen asking me if I was 18 and trying to send me some nudes on occasion. So that’s a thing to be careful about.

I have since changed the picture to the one where I look suitably tired for my age and creeps don’t bother me anymore to that extent. There is an odd one here and there but mostly things are fine.

You don’t have to show your face in your promotional materials if this is a problem for you. You can use a logo or a stylized illustration of yourself for your profile pic and just your voice narration for the video. If you do feel the need to have a video and to be in the video for a $5 logo gig, I don’t think there’ll be a problem. Designers start young (which is not always a good thing) but it’s not unusual.


You’re afraid that they’ll judge you because you look young? I am the same. But here is the harsh truth…

They will judge you regardless of who you are!!

You cannot please or satisfy everybody. Your goal is to find the ones who accept you for who you are!

Of course, you should try and improve every bit that you can! However, if things that are nowhere under your control, it’s better to leave them as such. For instance, your looks, consider a logo, art, or a picture of your equipment instead. Or take a picture from some distance. Or make it black and white.

P.S. Change your current picture as soon as possible and before someone reports you.Put anything, even just a black pallet for now. You can always change it later on.


Integrity is the point here.

People who find just a bit of doubt in what you say, how you present yourself would not likely build a trust. And this is happening right now, right here.

You are 16, but present yourself as older at the moment. That´s a problem!


I think yes but not so much

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Thanks @uk1000 @lenasemenkova @wordsfire @blavaro @toplegalservice .

I decided to go with a video which only have the audio narration.
As well as I’m gonna change the profile picture now.
Again thanks everyone for the support.

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First, age is not a problem. There’s a reason why Fiverr is allowing young people to join and sell their services. Please, remember that it is your services, your talents and your skills that you are offering, not yourself.

You should never fool buyers trying to look older just to sell. How can you gain their trust if you’re using someone else’s photo in your display picture?


Yeah I get it,
I’m working on it.
It’s bit hard to shot a proffessional image from this face😅.
Thanks for your help.

i have not enough experience about this but from my account i understand atleast ur profile picture and ur id card should be same

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I have a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design and over 5 years of experience.

The above is from your gig.


  • B.A. - Graphic Design Multimediaesoft metro campus, Sri Lanka, Graduated 2018

Check this out: New Sellers .... No Integrity .... No Success!


Your age won’t matter in the long term as it changes every year. However, it is important to be truthful and honest about yourself and your abilities - that does matter. :slight_smile:


Technically, not impossible (to get a degree at 16 and to start designing, or trying to design, at 11), but, of course, we have no way of knowing whether it’s true or not, and it does look suspicious.

@shl123 , please keep in mind that making your profile misleading (for example, not being honest about your experience, or about a degree you claim to have) would be a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and you could lose your account because of that.


just be honest with your work