Is an error on fiverr?


i have all day delivering orders but the clock does not stop… is only me or is a general problem on fiverr??


Mine is doing this too on the most recent gig that I completed.


@kjblynx…no dear i think its a bug …everyone is facing this problem today only.

everything was fine before…i have included all files and delivered twice still same trouble.


im having the issue also. I’m not interested in clearing my entire browser history, cookies, and cache… that’s a huge inconvenience.


Mine’s the same…it says the files are delivered, but it doesn’t stop the clock and they remain on my to-do list. Hope the work went through:O


I am facing the same trouble as well. I’ve send in three separate gig orders and the clock keeps running. Although I noticed that it’s marked “delivered” at the bottom of the page…So, is this the only way to let Fiverr know there is a problem?


i tried from different computers and the same… the buyer will receive 3 deliveries, lol


Same here, I sent a message to CS, so hopefully this fixes it. Does letting an order go past the countdown hurt your ratings? I mean, the order is delivered, even if the clock don’t stop!


I am experiencing this, too. Hope it gets resolved soon. I hate seeing my clock reach the ##LATE## part :frowning:


Same issue here. :frowning:


same here… none is working.


Same here for me too. I have been searching for a way to contact the powers that be…I hope someone gets it reported and it won’t reflect bad on us sellers! …Just noticed that podcastdad contacted CS…Hope this gets fixed soon!


I just tried to send in a cancel request and nothing happened. Fortunately, I was contacted by a Fiverr rep on email, but unless they get this system working in four hours time…


I submitted a ticket for my one that wouldn’t update. It is now marked as delivered. I tried to deliver another. And same thing still on not updating as delivered.


Same with me.

I hope it gets fixed asap.


Same issue here. My client is going to receive 3 deliveries, or even worse: none. :expressionless:

I hope this is resolved soon. I’m rather worried about the clock running out on me even though the work is delivered.

For the record, even clearing my browsers cache and flushing my systems DNS - no luck!


#:-S Man… Im glad to see im not alone on this. Im new and Im panicking that I am not doing something right. In the actual gig, I see it says delivered, but when I look at my todo it still shows as I need to deliver.


me too, this is definitely a glitch :frowning:


i am also facing the same problem…even after delivering it shows, order in progress deliver soon. I am afraid, is the order really delivered or will it be marked as cancelled after time over…


same problem here and it seems it happened on all orders (new, rejected, etc). i was contacted the customer support and still not received any response :frowning: