Is And Co also charged 20% fee


I have just seen the new Conjection of Fiverr and “AND CO”. it seems that its free. but I think when we will get paid through that it will also charged 20% as a fee.
Also, we can not attach Payoneer with AND CO.if AND CO can clear these things then I think it will give a lot of advantages to Us .As I have lots of buyers who are ready to pay on hourly basis and AND CO have that features

Please if anyone has some suggestion must tell me


AND CO and Fiverr are still separate. You charge your Fiverr clients through Fiverr, not through AND CO.


Then why fiverr promoting AND CO . as AND CO also accept payments . Client can pay us via AND CO


Only if you’re working with them outside of Fiverr. In other words, for the time being, paying via AND CO is not for your Fiverr clients, but for the clients you got elsewhere as a freelancer/entrepreneur.


We all know fiverr not allow us to deal outside of fiverr site but they promoting AND CO which like encouraging us to try work on some project with it with fiverr, don’t anyone feel it’s so misleading & conflicting?

They shouldn’t announced the news and even make a nice big banner on the homepage on fiverr site because I don’t see any benefit to both parties on fiverr site (yet).

They should at least integrated some of the AND CO system into fiverr only put the big banner and notify it’s fiverr users.

This semm like a joke.


Yes i also the same kind of confusion. As i have some buyers on Fiverr those are willing to pay me on hourly basis but if i ask them to pay me through AND CO So i think that will violate the Fiverr terms and policy


No thanks. I like our current system, if others want to use AND CO, that’s up to them, but I do not want it, I don’t care for it, I don’t know it, and since we’re still paying 20%, what’s the point?

There’s nothing I do that can be paid on an hourly basis.


But a lot people willing to do work on hourly basic


Doing what? And how will the seller know they’re actually working and not goofing off? Most jobs here are per project, there’s a few gigs where you pay for a language lesson on Skype, and you pay for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, etc. However, getting paid per project is bette, and if you have to refund, hopefully you didn’t waste more than 30 minutes. Imagine getting paid for 10 hours and then refunding.


Yes AND CO is separate. I think it’s a good plan of Fiverr to get more outside client of freelancer through AND CO. :slight_smile:


It is a possibility, but new things always bring with them many doubts…and for us with the actual system they are not totally clear as @codeage said


Every kind of work can be done on an hourly basis. it’s for those sellers who are experienced and buyers trust them. And also in most of the country its law to pay your worker as per hours he worked
so i think fiverr should add that functionality in there systems


I disagree. None of my gigs can be done on an hourly basis. If you need an e-mail, it doesn’t take me 5 hours to write it, I just need 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the complexity. Hourly-basis is the standard for manufacturing jobs. An Amazon warehouse employee is judged by how many boxes he opens in an hour, how many products does he scan, etc. That’s why he gets an hourly wage.

A Fiverr worker isn’t judged like that, he’s judged by his production. If a logo designer charges $5 or $500, I have no way of knowing if he’s going to work 5 minutes or 5 hours. I only know what he offers and it’s the quality of his work that will be judged. How much time he spent doing that is irrelevant.


Actually at all on your experience, skills and thinking level. If you can do a work in 10 minutes then you should have high paying rate.i already said that only those buyer interested in hourly work who trust on you and know you how experience you have.
maybe your work is not done in hourly basics but i have lots of works that can be done in hourly basics and that gave me more advantages as well


My rate is whatever gets orders. No Orders = No Money, so I have to find a price that makes me happy without giving it away.

Besides, Fiverr doesn’t have the technology to measure the hours a seller works on a project. Other websites have that technology, but I’m sure people cheat. I’m sure they run the clock while doing other things.