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Is any body there?

I just said a lot but it went no where I am kind of lost. Any way allthough I am fluent in english my native language is spanish how can i see all in spanish and spanish forum??
Second if possible how I can be sure I am really in yesterday a made a gig and I really can not be sure whether or not is really post it Jaime H Ulloa


I am not sure what else you posted yet, I’d have to dig for it, but if it was in Spanish that might be why you didn’t get much response. As far as I know, the only way you could see the forum in Spanish would be to use online translators which would yield very poor results. The forum is primarily utilized by most people in English.

This isn’t because of where Fiverr is (HQ is in Israel) or because English is necessarily the best. It’s just that it’s a second or first language for many Fiverr users and buyers from all over the world generally expect to be able to converse in English. My suggestion would be to use the forum as a way to practice your English skills. I do recommend the use of translators or English-speaking friends to help you double-check your posts. That will improve your skills and make it easier to understand. Welcome to the forum!

Thanks very much. I am new in this and somehow I began to find some ways out At least, I could post my proposal Gig. Regarding practice my emglish skills yes is really important, however I hope and look forward to have some spanish market, anyway spanish comes easier to me. Again Thanks