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Is any buyer has the ability on Fiverr to change his review?

I am facing this problem on my account that the buyer a average review and now he wants to change it but he didn’t know how to do it.

Best to contact CS, make screenshots of your work and your clients review and send it over. They might able to help you. Good luck!!

Sir , CS stands for?
And the client is also interested in.

CS is Customer Services, good luck!!

I’ve also faced the same problem. Here is my created topic :point_down:

Answering to your Question, I think this is the best reply from @hanshuber16

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No, it is impossible. All reviews (including “accidental” reviews) are permanent.

Even so much as talking to your buyer or CS about it can get you a ToS warning.

Heck, there are even forum posts where sellers claim they received ToS warnings because their buyers had contacted CS (even without the sellers’ involvement). So, even if you do not talk to your buyer or CS about it, you can get a warning if your buyer contacts CS about it.

In short, do not contact your buyer or CS about it. Also, tell your buyer not to contact CS
or worry about the “accidental” review either.

Just let it go. Move on. That’s the best/only option you have. It’s not worth the ToS warning.

I am sure you wouldn’t want to risk your account by trying to change a single review.

I WOULD NOT suggest that you do what @hum_on_the_go said as contacting them WILL most probably get you in trouble (a ToS warning). Please Do NOT contact CS.

@retoucher_faruk Thanks :slight_smile:

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I want to know what Does ToS means ?

ToS (Terms of Service) are the rules and regulations that ALL Fiverr users have to follow. Failure to abide by the ToS will result in ToS warnings/account suspension/permanent ban from Fiverr.

You can access them here:

FYI, you have already agreed to Fiverr’s terms of service when creating your account. :wink:

Yes, I do.
Thanks Sir