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Is any chance to change my nickname without creating a new account?


OOoooh no. I didn’t realize that there were no “s” letter in the end of my nickname here. And I bought a gig yet. Is any chance to chance my nickname?

“bunchproductionS” is a correct form. Because that looks like addres of my site.


No, there is no current way to do that. Since you’ve only bought a gig, my suggestion would be to wait until that transaction is wrapped up and then ask Customer Support to close your account. Make sure they know you plan to create a new one.

I’m actually not sure how many characters can be in a username either, so you might also want to make sure the “s” will fit before you go to the trouble.


I know the reson. Fiver doesn’t allow to write so “long” name. I wrote “BunchProductions” and I got “bunchproduction”