Is any problem with my gig?


hello frndz…
this is my 7th day on fiverr but i can not get any order yet…any one can help me ???how can increase my sale ?or any expert who guide me or see my gig for improvements ??plzzzz


It’s probably your grammar. Having errors in grammar, punctuation, etc comes across as sloppy, and nobody wants to hire a sloppy virtual assistant. Go back through your gig and give it a solid edit. If you are unable to identity the errors, than you may not be qualified to sell virtual assistant services.
If that’s the case, that’s fine! Not everybody is qualified to sell work which may require writing. Maybe there is another skill you could offer? Such as graphic design, photography, etc.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


thank …:neutral_face:


The order details section says “3 Hours of Work”
but the gig description says “virtual assistant (4 hours)”

In the FAQ for the gig it says “Why Should We Hire You?”
The 4th reason is “5 years respected experience.”
but in the answer to “Do you have any experience as Virtual Assistant?” it says
“Yes, I have 3 years respected experience.”. If the “3” and “5” years are for different things, maybe clarify them, or if they’re both supposed to be for experience as a virtual assistant, maybe make them the same number of years.

As well as checking for any grammar issues, maybe have images and/or a .pdf that shows examples of the types of things done in the gig and/or maybe a gig info video. Also check the buyer requests section.


The part you need to pay attention to is.


That is all


thank u sooo much…this is very helpful answer to my question and now i have fixed all the mistakes :slightly_smiling_face:


You need to also get a good sales video.It engages your to be customers faster and easier than texts.