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Is any software Allow to be sold?


I would like to sell some of my softwares for very cheap just 5 dollars and I actually have seen some people here selling softwares , but I do not understand why my software was denied it is an “ARTICLE SPINNER” software that was rejected ,I have created it from scratch ,I think they reject it because they do not think I build it but I can prove it .

Is this the reason ?

Or article spinner software is not allow to be sell here?

What do I have to do ?



Probably, If you can prove that you are original developer or a reseller. Not Sure :-??


Reply to @atechkid: What do I have to do ? How can I send that information do I have to contact them ?what is the link ?Thank you.


Reply to @ronald2000: Contact Support


Your best bet if you are selling software is to get in touch with the customer support team and give them the heads up to see if it’s ok


There must be a reason for your gig denial; many other factors like your gig image, your gig title, the category, the product(copyrighted or not?)

check your mail. They always reply with a reason.


Reply to @soldierdollar:Thanks , They said this :

Hi ronald2000,

We are sorry, but your gig ‘give you Article SPINNER software’ did not pass our moderators’ review. The reasons are:

Your gig potentially violates 3rd party copyrights or trademarks


The Fiverr Editorial Team