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Is anybody else having issue with their gigs?


Hi guys!

why are gigs staying as drafts? Does anybody know?

Please, we need help!


I am having MAJOR issues with my gigs. I published them about three days ago and they only have one impression on each. I look for them using the search bar and they do not show up, I tried posting a third gig and it stays as a draft, I think we are having the same issue. It is so weird.

Anybody else having this problem? Can someone tell me if I can fix it and how?


The issue I’m having with mine is that no one is buying. Was getting sales all the time before but since the update now nothing, everything stopped. Tried changing keywords, title and updating gigs with better pictures & video but don’t know what’s happened, I really want things to go back the way they were. I have had the issue where they go into draft, I realised I needed to have a picture with the gig video and that fixed it for me.