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Is anybody else not receiving push notifications on Android?


Not received a push notification about 5 days now. I tested in the app and says I have no network connection to send the notifications. I do have a network connection. For starters; I am able to open up the application and browse through it. Secondly, push notifications are working with every other app.

It is annoying, as it means I have to keep my email open up the whole time, which is not fun, mainly because it means I can’t respond instantly to messages.

Have I missed something, chums?


First World Problems.


Very much.

However, it means I have lost a bit of business. Normally I respond in about 15 minutes to any message. Now taking up to an hour because I can’t constantly refresh the page.


Welcome to my world. I just began using a BB10 device for some reason, and it’s totally unavailable for the device. You just have to keep refreshing or wait for the email notification, which is not so prompt. I’d be running back to an Android device very soon - I hope it doesn’t present the same problem, I’d go crazy.